Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guilt Versus Sorrow

Because Christ has taken our guilt on himself and payed for it, we no longer have any guilt to feel guilty about. If we have been saved, then, to call ourselves guilty is to stand over ourselves as judge, rather than to allow God to do so and say "forgiven." For a Christian, to say "I am guilty" is lying, since God has judged us to have the righteousness of Christ. It is not, however, therefore wrong to mourn, to be grieved, by our sins. Sin remains bad, though God reveals his glory by judging sin. Indeed, our opinion of sin ought to be the same as God's: we ought to hate it, because it is evil, and thus we ought to consider it worthy of judgment. This is our sorrow: that something which speaks against God came to be. This, then, our comfort: that our sin has been judged by God in the body of Christ who took the sin on himself of those joined into his body by the Holy Spirit, to save us to himself.

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